Friday, September 30, 2016

Schecter Guitar Company Tour

One of the great things about homeschooling is the cool field trips we go on. This trip didn't sound interesting at first, but I was glad I went.
I'm not a guitar person. I play piano. I'm okay with the sound of the a guitar, but I prefer acoustic over electric any day of the week. I don't listen to rock music, and I don't know any of the famous people. It's just not really my thing.

But the high school kids in our homeschool group went on a tour of the top of the line Schecter Guitar Company a few weeks ago and it was fantastic. Even though I don't prefer electric guitars, seeing how they are made was really interesting! I mean, I didn't even know until we went on the tour that all guitars start as pieces of wood!
Schecter guitar company gets most of their guitars shipped in from a factory in South Korea. They fine tune them in their shop and then ship them out to the people who have thousands of dollars to spend on their guitars. They also have a custom guitar shop. They make their custom guitars from start to finish right there in the shop. The paint jobs they can do are absolutely amazing!
It was a great tour and I learned a lot about how guitars are made. Here are the pictures....

This is the warehouse where the guitars from South Korea come in
before they are taken out of their boxes and fine tuned.
This is the room where the technicians fine tune the guitars and
get them ready to be played as soon as they are taken out
of the box.
Welcome to the custom shop. Custom guitars start at $2500.
I had no idea that electric guitars started as wood.
I just learned something. That is our tour guide holding a piece
of wood that will become the body of a guitar.

Giant clamps that hold the pieces together while the glue dries.
I think these pieces will end up being the neck of a guitar.

These are going to be guitar necks. The back one has not been
shaped yet.

Here is the machine that shapes the guitar neck.
Inside one of the machines that shapes the neck of the guitar.
There is a lot of sawdust in here.

One of many racks of guitar pieces These have not been sealed,
sanded, or painted yet.
Here are the necks. These have a clear coat on them.
The two in the very back are actually bass guitar necks.
Here are some guitar bodies that are drying. After they have
been painted they look metallic. Now you can see why
I thought electric guitars were made of metal!
This guy is sanding the body. The custom shop makes about
30 guitars a month. They sand them to make them super
smooth. No splinters!

Another rack of guitar parts. These ones are painted, sanded,
and ready to be assembled!
This is where they paint the custom guitars. It is a tightly sealed
room and they guy is wearing all this protective gear. That's
because of all the paint particles that are toxic.
Here is a sample of the paint jobs that they can do. Isn't it

Wood, wood, wood....

The laser cutting machine. We each got a box with this design cut
into it. I think these are made into key chains or something
like that.

This machine winds the pickups. There are 3 miles of copper
wire in each bobbin.
This is the pickup. Each bobbin has 3 miles of wire, so
the pickup has a total of 6 miles of wire. That is a lot of wire!

A guitar made with flame maple wood.
This one was my favorite guitar. I love
this blue color!

I think this one was made out of
something like quilted wood. It has
the pattern of a crumpled up

These are some of the amazing guitar necks they make.
These are some guitar bodies. They really are pretty when they
are all shiny!

This guitar will go in Prince's estate
when it is finished.

This is the insides of the guitar.

The pictures on this post are originals taken by Silent Storm. Please do not duplicate or use these pictures without my permission. Thanks!

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