Friday, November 25, 2016

Fading Away... A Short Story

I found this writing prompt and decided to write from it.

Story prompt

So, here goes nothing!

I watch out the window waiting for James to come home. As I sit, I ponder the fact that he forgot to take me with him to school. Junior high is a big deal, and we always share the important things. But he forgot to take me this time. In fact, I am still in my pjs...and I have been for a few months. I wonder why he keeps forgetting me to get me dressed for the day? At least he is still remembering to feed me. Oh, here he comes! Who is that with him? A new friend? Already? Do they have a ball? Yes, they do. Will he let me play? I continue to watch as the boys play with a football on the street. Why doesn't James invite me to play? He always asks me to play catch with him. Well, now the other boy has to go home. What?!? Is that our secret handshake? How dare James share that with another person? It is the best friends handshake...and I thought...AH! Does that mean that I am not his best friend anymore? Nooooo!

Now I am watching as James  is engulfed in his homework. I wonder what he is studying. It looks interesting. I crane my neck to see. High school math-Geometry! Why won't he let me study with him? He used to let me study with him all the time. Oh well, it is time for bed now. James, would you please tuck me in? No? Well, okay, I guess I'll do it myself. James, would you please talk to me? Why not? I guess high school is too demanding. Maybe you can talk to me later. I mean, you are new to this whole high school thing. Well, goodnight my old high school friend. See you tomorrow.

There is so much hustle and bustle around here these days. James is going to play football at a big university. He got his scholarship confirmation in the mail yesterday...and he didn't tell me. I saw it on the counter later. He told that other boy...Teddy...first. I wonder why. I always used to get the exciting information first...but not anymore. Well, anyway... James is packing up his last things. There are a lot of boxes. I wonder if there will be room for me. What does he have? Looks like a picture. I can't see! My neck is stiff. James, show it to me! Hey, I can see it now. It looks like a picture! I remember, James drew that when he was five... He looks puzzled. Who is Ralph? What do you mean? How could you forget my name? Oh, you remember now, James? Yes, I'm Ralph, your old friend. We had so many good times together, how could you forget? No, don't rip the paper! Please, don't rip it up! Don't throw it away! Don't get rid of me! Nooooooooooooooooo..................................................

Okay, so that was a little weird and gloomy. But you know, fading away isn't fun.

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