Monday, November 21, 2016

"Smell of Rain" [A Short Story]

Hi everyone! Today, I'm introducing guest blogger and friend Winter Woods from Winter's Falling Fast.

Being almost thanksgiving, I asked Winter Woods to write a short story about the smell she is most thankful for.  So without further ado, here it is!

I walk slowly. The soft earth shifting under my rubber clad toes. The rain boots deflecting the mud away from my knees down. The grass flattened by the down pour. The trees slowly dripping water onto my hair. The droplets gathering in my open palm. Everything quiet. The animals have gone into hiding. The birds have stopped their song for a moment. The frogs will come out soon, to croak their songs. The crickets will come out when the sun comes out. The sounds of life will continue. But right now. Right now everything is paused. Everything is paused and one thing remains. Something that can be counted on in times like these.

            The smell of rain. The smell of warm blankets and rich coco. The smell of old books and wet window panes. The smell of gathering clouds and roaring fires. The smell of a cozy day of staying inside. The smell of wet asphalt and moist earth. The smell of rain.

            The smell of rain is one of the smells that I love the most. It reminds me of jumping in puddles. It reminds me of wet roof tops. Of animals huddling in a burrow. Of yellow umbrellas. Of wet autumn leaves that fell the day before. Of wet newspapers plastered together. Of children’s rain jackets. Of a single ray of sunlight. Of waving branches. It reminds me of everything. Yet everything is nothing. The little things that no one thinks about. The subtle signs of life. The smell of rain.

What is smell are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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