Sunday, December 18, 2016

Day Eight- Christmas in El Salvador

Sooooo.....I was going to write about Christmas in New Caledonia, but information is significantly time for plan B! :)

El Salvador...A little country in that area commonly known as "Central America", but technically part of the North American Continent.

Because of it's location, El Salvador has a warm Christmas.

Christmas in El Salvador is very family focused. It starts about 7 pm on Christmas Eve when all the family members start arriving at one house (usually a Grandparent's). One thing you absolutely have to bring is FIREWORKS!!!! While the kids enjoy fireworks outside, the adults spend time inside catching up and eating food. (Don't worry, I'm sure the kids eat food too!)

Friends will stop by to offer Christmas greetings on their way to their own family gatherings.

Dinner time varies from 11 pm to 1 am! Why so late? Well, midnight mass is at midnight (let's play state the obvious!) and it is up to the family whether to eat before or after. Menu varies too. Upper class eats more American food-turkey, ham, etc. Middle/Lower class eats chicken or even tamales. (Umm! I would rather eat with the second group!!!!)

A final tradition is putting the baby Jesus figurine in the nativity scene. Nativity scenes are VERY popular in El Salvador, as with many other countries.

Feliz Navidad from El Salvador!

El Salvador Christmas

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  1. I can tell you really like learning about other countries' cultures! Sounds very professional!