Monday, December 19, 2016

Day Nine- Christmas in the DRC

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, (middle of Africa) Christmas is religious rather than commercial. In fact, most people do not receive presents.

It all starts with the Christmas Eve service. There is lots of singing and a very long Christmas play. They start at creation and go all the way Herod's edict to kill all the baby boys. The birth of Jesus happens as close to midnight as possible, so the play is not over until 1 am! In most churches, singing will continue until dawn Christmas morning.
Those who participate in the play like to show off their acting skills and go "over the top".

Christmas play
Actors in one of the very long Christmas play :)

 The Christmas day service includes more singing and a special Love Offering where everyone brings a gift to baby Jesus.

The rest of Christmas day is spent quietly at home with a better a than normal meal (meat if it can be afforded).

On December 26th, it is back to work for everyone!

I like this "less commercialized version" of Christmas. It seems much more focused on the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

Anyway, "Mbotama Malamu" (Merry Christmas in Lingala) from the Democratic Republic of the Congo!


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  2. Kinda makes me wish I lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo! Finally, a country that gets Christmas right (unlike America).