Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day Six- Christmas in Brazil

Yes, yes, I know. I missed two days this time. :(

Welcome to another place with a summer Christmas....Brazil!
Look up and down the streets and you will see Nativity scenes, also called 'Presepio.' These are very popular. You can see them in houses. You can see them in churches.
Nativity Scene
Another popular thing at Christmas time- Christmas plays. Traditionally, there is a shepherdess and a woman who tries to steal the Baby Jesus!

At 10 pm on Christmas Eve, Brazilians eat their big meal. They have meat (pork, turkey, ham) and salads, fruit, rice with raisins, and ice cream. Then everyone goes to church for Midnight mass. Exactly at midnight everyone wishes each other Merry Christmas. Following the church service, there is a fireworks display.

Because it is summer at Christmas time, people might go to the beach.

Another fun tradition is Secret Santa, or 'Amigo Secreto.' All throughout December you give small gifts under a fake name. On Christmas, you reveal who the amigo was! Sounds like fun! :)

In Brazil, Santa Claus is called 'Papai Noel'. He exchanges your sock for a gift if you leave it in the window.

A couple more fun Christmas traditions:
Often, people will get a 13th salary in December, which means they get paid twice as much!

Silent Night, called 'Noite Feliz' is a favorite carol.

Epiphany, celebrating the wise men visiting Jesus, is also celebrated in Brazil.

Feliz Natal from Brazil!


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