Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day Ten- Christmas in Iceland

Christmas in Iceland is a mix of religious celebration and Icelandic folklore. It makes for a very fun celebration!

Christmas is celebrated from December 23 to January 6. There is lots of food, hanging out with people, and fireworks going off.
Because Christmas time is at the time when days are shortest and it is always very dark in Iceland, people decorate with LOTS of lights. They use Christmas trees and advent lights as well.

Christmas lights
People send and receive lots and lots of Christmas cards too.

Icelandic Christmas card
On Christmas Eve, the main celebration occurs with dinner and gifts.

But the best (and funniest) part of and Icelandic Christmas is the gift bearers- 13 Yule lads. The Yule Lads are said to have descended from trolls. They are said to be VERY mischievous! For 13 days, they walk down from their home in the mountains one at a time and bring gifts to leave in children's shoes...or a rotten potato if they were bad!

Yule lads
The Yule lads have very interesting names that show how mischievous they are.

There is one more funny bit of folklore...The Christmas Cat. Everyone is supposed to receive new clothes for Christmas, and if you don't you will be eaten by the Christmas Cat! So you can imagine that people scramble to get at least one set of new clothes for the others in their family.

Christmas Cat

People celebrate Epiphany, just like in Spain.

Gleðileg Jól from Iceland! :)

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