Monday, March 27, 2017

Favorite Picture Books (January-March)

This quarter, we read a few very fun picture books. I judge which ones were the favorites by which ones Jelly Bean wanted over and over and over....and over....and one more time! :)

Tucky Jo and Little Heart - Patricia Polacco

tucky jo
This was an adorable little story about a soldier in the Philippines during WW2  who met a little native girl and befriended her. He took care of her and her village, evacuating them when the village was going to be bombed. But he never saw the sweet little girl again. He grew old and was failing, and a nurse helped him get the proper care. Turns out, this sweet nurse was Little Heart, all grown up. It is a true story and was one of the sweetest books I've read.

Puss in Boots- Paul Galdone

puss in boots
A tailor had three sons and left them all some inheritance. The youngest son got a cat. The cat, with his cunning and smarts, helped the tailor's son to become rich and important in the king's eyes...and the son ended up marrying the princess!

Three Billy Goats Gruff-
  Three billy goats gruff
Jelly Bean liked this one (but she liked Puss in Boots better). It is the story of three billy goats who wanted to cross a troll-owned bridge. The first one crossed halfway across and the troll said, "I am going to eat you!" The goat said, "Don't eat me, eat the big one!" The same thing happened with the second one. Along came the third and largest goat, and he butted the troll off the bridge with his horns, and the goats got fat in the pasture on the other side.

Bartholomew and the Oobleck- Dr. Suess
Bartholomew and the oobleck
This book is about a king who got tired of the same things falling from the sky-rain, hail, snow, and fog. So he called his magicians and had them make something new to fall from the sky-oobleck. The only problem was that the oobleck was sticky and gooey...and the drops kept getting bigger and bigger! The king finally decided to stop being stubborn and say "I'm sorry." Almost instantly, the oobleck stopped falling and melted away.

Have you enjoyed any picture books lately? Please share them in the comments! :)

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  1. Tucky Jo was definitely one of the best stories we've read in a long time. Such a sweet story!