Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What I read- February 2017

First off, for my personal Bible Study Time, I went through "Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days" by Kay Arthur.

Lord Teach me to Study the Bible

If you don't know how to effectively do an inductive Bible study, I highly recommend this to you! It takes you through all the steps of inductive Bible study in a simple, easy to understand way. In the past, Bible Study has felt overwhelming, but after going through this, I feel like it is something I can handle doing. It doesn't seem so intimidating anymore. (Picture from Goodreads)

The second thing I read this month was "The Boy who Saved Cleveland" by James Cross Giblin.

The Boy who Saved Cleveland

This is a book about a boy named Seth in the baby city of Cleveland. One by one, his family members became ill with malaria, as did the others in the little settlement. Seth bravely goes to the mill every day to grind corn for the whole settlement. He eventually takes ill himself, but because of his brave acts, he saved the tiny town. This is a touching story based off of real events. (Picture from Goodreads)

The third thing I read was "True Worshippers" by Bob Kauflin.

true worshippers

In this book, Bob talks about what it means and looks like to truly worship God from the heart. The chapters that impacted me the most were chapter four, which talked about how meeting together is a necessary part of worshipping God, chapter eight, which talked about expecting God to work in you and others while you are worshipping him, and part of chapter seven, which talked about using distractions as a chance to glorify God. This book (along with a worship conference I went to at the beginning of the month) have impacted my attitude while playing in a worship band. When you are helping to lead worship, the correct attitude is to by worshipping your savior, not draw attention to yourself. This book REALLY impacted me this month. (Picture from Goodreads)

The final thing I read this month was "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.

Pride and Prejudice

This romantic comedy had me laughing the whole way through...especially when I was introduced to Mr. Collins. Set in London around the late 1700s-early 1800s (I'm not exactly sure), Mrs. Bennet is set on marrying off her 5 grown daughters as fast as possible, while Mr. Bennet could care less. This conflict escalates when Mr. Bingley (a handsome rich single man) moves to town. He brings with him his good friend Mr. Darcy. Mr. Bingley and Jane, the oldest Bennet daughter, are immediately draw to each other. Lizzy, the second, forms quick judgment of Mr. Darcy. She believes him to be proud and conceited and full of himself. He, however is draw to her. This introduces the second level of the plot. When Mr. Darcy works to get Mr. Bingley to move away, breaking Jane's heart, Lizzy's hatred of Mr. Darcy grows. But, when the youngest Bennet girl, Lydia, runs off with Mr. Wickham and shames the Bennet family, Mr. Darcy steps in, seeing to it that Lydia and Wickham have a proper marriage. When Lizzy finds out, her opinion of Mr. Darcy begins to change...and I'll leave you to either guess the ending or read it yourself to find out! I greatly enjoyed reading this book, and now I have to watch the movie! :) (Picture from Goodreads)

Well, this is what I read in February. Next month you can expect to see "7 Women" by Eric Metatexas and "The Key to Zion" by Bodie Thoene on the list.

And always remember:

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  1. Yay for "True Worshipers"! I'll have to put "Pride and Prejudice" on my reading list.

  2. I look forward to watching P&P with you! :D