Thursday, March 30, 2017

What I Read- March 2017

The Key to Zion (Bodie Thoene)
the key to zion
As promised in last month's list, the first book I read this month was "The Key to Zion." This is the fifth and final book in the Zion Chronicles series by Bodie Thoene. There are about 8 main characters and the story switches back and forth from between all the characters. The series is set directly after WW2,with the Jews returning to Palestine, where they encounter another enemy...the Arabs. The English are about to leave Palestine, taking protection of the Jews with them. This is the story of how the Jews are trying to protect their baby nation as they experience threats from all around.

7 Women and the Secret to their Greatness (Eric Metaxas)
seven women
This is a collection of biographical sketches of 7 women. Eric Metaxas talks about Joan of Arc, Hannah Moore, Corrie ten Boom, Saint Maria of Paris, Susanna Wesley, Mother Theresa, and Rosa Parks. Overall, I enjoyed the book very much, although there were parts that made me uncomfortable. Things like hearing God speak through a dream and not doing anything unless he audibly tells you to, or hearing demonic sounds in your house. These things make me uncomfortable! That part aside, I found something to admire in each woman, even if it was just their courage or their absolute dependence on God.

Race for the Sky (Dan Gutman)
race for the sky
I've read this book before, and it makes me laugh. It is partly fictional, though based on pieces of fact, and is the diary of a boy named Johnny Moore who encounters and works with the Wright Brothers in their attempts at flight. Johnny has to learn proper grammar along the way, and it is hilarious when part way through the book he begins crossing out words and replacing them with the word that is grammatically correct.

Word of Honor (T. Elizabeth Renich)

word of honor
This is an intriguing tale of a family involved in a spy network for the Confederacy. Salina Hastings becomes involved in this network on her 16th birthday when her father tells her that he needs her help. She ends up losing her father and having to take over running the network...and getting plans in motion for a westward Confederate campaign. Throughout the whole book is a thread of romance (because Salina is falling in love with Jeremy Barnes, who also works in the network), and Biblical truths (like "The Lord your God is with you wherever you go."). It was a very good book and I enjoyed it. It is number one in a series of now I have to find the others! :)

Next month, I'm looking forward to reading "The Insanity of God" (more biographies) and "The Golden Braid" (a fairytale rewrite). Stay tuned to hear about these books and more! :)

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