Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What It's Like to Be a "Half" College Student

Hey all!
Today is one rare occasion that I have to just sit and write a blog post without sacrificing something else. Okay, maybe I should be doing some Biology homework, but I'd rather be doing this.

So, I don't know if I posted it before, but I got accepted as a dual-enrollment student at a Christian University in my city. It is both exciting and VERY strange.

I feel a lot younger than EVERYONE else on campus. And I feel like I don't know anyone, although a bunch of people from church are at school here...but I rarely see them on campus. And everyone else just walks by me as I sit alone at my table in the caf writing a blog post. Though, I doubt that if I was a full time student here they would talk to me...I just don't know anyone.

I've only told a few people that I am a dual-enrollment student...and only because they asked. I don't want people to think I'm some super smart overachiever. I'm just a normal human...promise.

The application process wasn't as smooth as I think it would have been for a regular student. Two weeks ago I had to go to the admissions office to ask some questions about how to get my ID card and parking pass. "Normal" students would have got that information at orientation.

I also feel weird because I'm only on campus for a few hours on Tuesday and Thursday. I take one class plus a lab, so I don't have loads of homework from multiple classes.

But I still feel overwhelmed at times with just my Biology homework (Which I really should be doing right now...). It makes me wonder...how do college students not DIE with all the homework from all the classes? 

I feel grownup and so little at the same time. I feel grownup because I am a college student (in a way). I also feel little because I'm several years younger than the people around me. I feel like I don't quite fit in. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I have a big sign on me saying "I'M REALLY TOO YOUNG TO BE HERE!"

I have to admit, it is fun to see the college students interact around campus. Today, everyone is walking around with books on their heads. The first one I saw, I thought was just shielding himself from the sun. But then I noticed that everyone was doing it... someone in Biology explained it to me. There is a campus-wide game of Gotcha going on right now, and the safety thing is having a book on your head. Interesting. :) I have a feeling I'll see many more things like this...or hear about it anyway.

Another thing I've discovered about college life is book sharing. I have a friend at church who also is a student here and is taking the same class as I am. She has borrowed my textbook a lot because hers hasn't come yet.

I like sitting here in the caf and watching the people go by. All the people with books on their heads crack me up. I like people watching. I like to see all the different types of people who come by. I feel weird people watching, but I promise I'm doing homework at the same time. ;)

Alright, I suppose I've wasted enough time. Time to work on Biology for a few more minutes before heading to AWANA. :)


  1. Did you walk with books on your head?!

    1. No, since I'm a dual-enrollment student, I don't participate in any of the student life stuff. But it was very entertaining to watch! ;)

  2. Good for you for tackling dual-enrollment! You are a very diligent student, Silent Storm... I aspire to be like you. :)

  3. Personally, I'd rather get "Gotcha-ed" than have to walk around with a book on my head. I'd rather read the book! Glad you're surviving part-college.

    1. The next day, I was back on campus for another class and the gotcha game was still going strong. This time, the safety was clapping and saying "hey!" The following day, I was on campus again, and the safety was walking around in a group and moving your arms like you had oars and saying "row.row.row." Such silliness!

    2. Wow! Silliness indeed!