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God's Not Dead-- Movie Review

Warning: Spoilers ahead. If you have not seen the movie God's Not Dead and are planning to see it, do not read any further! 

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Movie Summary:
Josh Wheaton
Josh Wheaton is a first semester freshman at a big university. He signs up to take a philosophy class. In the first class, Professor Radisson tells the students that they can skip one-third of the class and get an A on that section if they will only sign a paper saying that God is Dead. Students quickly do just that...except for Josh. He is a Christian and he can't sign the paper. Professor Radisson agrees to a debate. Josh gets the last 20 minutes of the next three classes to present his case that God is in fact ALIVE. His girlfriend Kara tells him that it is not worth it and tells him to give up. But Josh continues with the debate...and Kara breaks up with him.

Meanwhile, Amy is a young news reporter. She has a boyfriend and life is mostly great...but she is searching for more in her life. Then she finds out that she has cancer and it is spreading rapidly...and she is dying. When she tells her boyfriend, he ends the relationship.

AyishaAyisha is a Muslim girl at the University. Her father is very traditional, and makes her wear a headdress in public. She has been hiding her faith for a year. One day, her father finds out about her faith, beats her, and throws her out of the house. (This scene is a real tear jerker).

Mina is a Christian. She is the young and beautiful wife of Professor Radisson. Radisson is fine until the topic of Mina's faith comes up. Then he gets verbally abusive. Mina feels that she is unequally yoked and doesn't know what to do.

Dave and JudeReverend Dave is feeling like he is stuck in a rut...his job is just drudgery. He has a missionary friend (Reverend Jude) who is in town. The two of them are going to take a vacation together...but their car won't start and their departure gets delayed. Rev. Dave doesn't understand why this is happening and is frustrated with Rev. Jude's absolute faith no matter the circumstances.

Josh begins presenting his case in front of Professor Radisson and his fellow classmates. Professor Radisson tries to his hardest to poke holes in Josh's arguments, and apparently is succeeding. At the end of the last session, they leave it up to the class to decide...IS GOD DEAD? One by one, the class members stand up and say: "God is not dead."
God's not dead
Following being humiliated in front of his students, Professor Radisson is at the end of his rope. He knows his deceased mom would want him to turn to God. He sees an advertisement for a Newsboys God's Not Dead concert, and decides to go.

This is the same concert where Amy has gone to interview the Newsboys, where they share the gospel with her and lead her to Christ. This is also the same concert that Mina, Ayisha, Josh, and Martin (the Chinese student in his class), are attending.

On the way to the concert, Radisson is hit by a car. Though he is not killed instantly, it is obvious that he is going to die lying in the middle of the road. Because of their late start, Rev. Dave and Rev. Jude are at the scene of the accident. Rev. Dave gets the opportunity to share the gospel with this dying man and Radisson accepts it before he dies.

The movie ends with a challenge from Duck Dynasty Dad Willie Robertson to text everyone in your contacts with three simple words: GOD'S NOT DEAD.
text message

My Thoughts on the Movie: 

It was very thought provoking. It made me think about whether I would be able to stand up to a professor like Josh did. I absolutely believe that God is not Dead, but would I be able to stand up to it?

I thought that Josh's arguments at first were a little shaky and weak, but as the debates went on, his arguments got stronger and better. At the end, he touched on the topic of morality. If there is not a God, there is no reason to be moral. This was by far his strongest argument.

The thing I admire most about Josh is that he never gave up despite the opposition of his parents, his girlfriend, and threats from his professor. Professor Radisson told Josh that he would fail him if he kept up with the debate. Yet Josh still stood for his convictions. That is admirable.

The movie was a little fast paced. In all, the movie probably covered maybe two weeks. In that time, both Martin and Amy became believers. It was a little unrealistically fast.

Here is my favorite scene from God's Not Dead...and the climax of the movie.


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