Tuesday, January 30, 2018


On January 19, 2018, I turned 17.

greatest showman

My birthday celebration lasted for a couple of days.

On my actual birthday (Friday), I did school work in the morning and went to see the Greatest Showman in the evening, with like 20 people from church!

On Saturday, I went to a missions team prayer meeting in the morning. We prayed for 1.5 hours straight. It was really amazing.

We had planned to go downtown in the afternoon, but we then discovered that there was going to be some sort of women's march in that area, with thousands of people...and we didn't want to be anywhere near that. So...plan B. DodgerDog had just had his wisdom teeth out, so Mom stayed home with him and FireAnt and JellyBean. Lego, Dad, and I went to Citywalk and looked at the shops.
The first thing we see as we walk up. But don't worry,
there are brownies coming later. 

We did stop here so that Dad could get a smoothie.

This just made us laugh. It's a banana! 

Holding up the giant guitar

Tried to take a picture with Bobba Fett through
the window 

I've always wanted to have wings! :)

That night I opened gifts and we had brownies and ice cream for dessert. And yes, I had 17 candles on my ice cream. That was FireAnt's idea. :)

Hurry and blow them out! They might melt your ice cream!
With DodgerDog

With Lego

With FireAnt. 

With JellyBean

With Mom

With Dad

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