Monday, February 26, 2018

What I Read- February 2018

I love the smell of a book...unfortunately, the first two on this list were ebooks. But I am thankful for the library and overdrive app that allows me to borrow ebooks! :)

The Preachers Bride (Jody Hedlund)
preacher's bride

 Don't let the cover fool you...This isn't a typical prairie love story. In fact, this is more historical fiction. And it's not even set in the prairie...It's set in a puritan community in England.
John has lost his wife Mary and is left with four children. One of the kids is blind, and the other is only a few weeks old and probably dying. Defying her elders (and going against her fiance's wishes), Elizabeth steps in as housekeeper for the family. She grows to love the children...and John as well.
Trust is broken. Love is expressed. Prison. Family. Tears. Joy. These are all woven into this sweet story, which is actually loosely based of the story of John and Elizabeth Bunyan. Yes, the author of Pilgrim's progress. It is a historically based fiction story of this couple, which I didn't know until I read the author's note.

Love Unexpected (Jody Hedlund)
love unexpected

 Emma and Ryan are suddenly shipwrecked on the great lakes. Rescued by the Lighthouse keeper, they are begrudgingly integrated into the primarily male fishing community. Within hours, Emma is married to Patrick, the lighthouse keeper, who is recently widowed and needs help with the lighthouse and his two-year-old, Josiah.
Emma begins to hear rumors about Patrick's past life, and when an old friend of his shows up, Emma begins to wonder what kind of a man she really married. This is another story of trust, love, family, mistakes, and forgiveness.

Silas Marner (George Elliot) 
silas marner

 I had to read this book for economics. Although it took a while to get hooked, I did end up enjoying the book.
Silas Marner is a mysterious weaver in the city of Raveloe. He hoards his gold and never talks to anyone. One night, his gold is suddenly stolen, without a trace of the thief. A little while later, a gift of a little girl named Eppie is dropped on his hearth. Will Marner discover who the thief is? Will he discover that there are things in life more precious than gold?
P.S.: If you read this book, keep your eyes open in chapter three. If you miss the information shared there, you'll be in for a big surprise come chapter eleven!

Keep your eye out for the following books in months to come....
-Serving With Eyes Wide Open
-Martin Luther
-Silas Lapham
-The King's Shadow

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