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What I Read- January 2018

Word of Honor (T. Elizabeth Renich)
word of honor 
 I received this book for Christmas in 2016 and read it right away. I got the second book in 2017 for Christmas, and so I had to read this one again before picking up book two (see below).
This book is set in the Confederate states during the Civil War. When we studied Civil War a few years back, we talked a lot about the Northern states, but not so much about the south, so this was an interesting read.
Captain Hastings is a Confederate Spy. None of his family knows the extent of his work, until one day, he confides in his daughter, Salina, and brings her into the network. As she works with her father and her good friend Jeremy Barnes, she is in constant danger. But she is determined to help her Father in any way possible. When Captain Hastings dies, Salina decides that she needs to head west to finish her father's plans for a campaign to get control of California. She is in constant danger, and is followed by spies from the Union. Meanwhile, she is falling in love with Jeremy....

Matter of Trust (T. Elizabeth Renich)
matter of trust 
This is the second in the "Shadowcreek Chronicles", and one of the books that I got for Christmas in 2017.
This book continues the story of Salina Hastings. After retrieving the information that she needed in the west, Salina intends to return home to Virginia. However, her plans are put to an abrupt end when she is arrested by Union spies and held in prison on Alcatraz. While in the dark prison, she catches a severe case of pneumonia. The Yankees decide to return to the east with her. She survives the treacherous trip and is reunited with her mother, brother, and her true love, Jeremy. But more surprise and turmoil are in store as she discovers that her cousin Lottie has been spreading lies about her and Jeremy. Jeremy and Salina aren't sure they can trust each other anymore. They must learn to trust everything into God's hands and trust one another again....

Wonder (R.J. Palacio) 
 A couple months back we listened to the audiobook version, and went to see the movie after Thanksgiving. I liked the story so much that I asked for the book for Christmas. I got it...and read it in about two days. :)
Auggie Pullman is going into 5th grade. He has been homeschooled his entire life, and is now going to school for the first time...middle school at Beecher Prep. Just like any other middle school kid, he has the jitters about going to a new school and meeting new people. But he has even more reason to be nervous. He was born with a facial deformity, and his whole life, kids at the playground have run away screaming and even adults have looked away and gasped when they've seen him. Auggie has to learn how to thrive in middle school despite his problem. The book is written alternating between several different perspectives, which, in my opinion, adds to the depth and reality of the story. This is a well-written book that pulls on your heartstrings.
"When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind." -Mr. Browne's Precept

The Princess Spy (Melanie Dickerson)
princess spy 
 This is another one of those fairy tale rewrites that I've written a lot about (By the way, the next book, "The Orphan's Wish" is coming out in July!!!). I believe this one is based off the story of the princess and the frog...
Margaretha has a serious flaw...she talks too much. She has had many wealthy suitors, though she has turned them all down. She wonders if she will ever find someone who loves her. One day, a half-dead English-speaking man arrives at Hagenheim castle. Margaretha is the only one who can speak English, and she soon discovers that the man is Colin le Wyse and that he is in Germany to hunt down the man who is Margaretha's current suitor! The man (Lord Claybrook) is planning to kill Margaretha's father and take over Hagenheim castle. Colin and Margaretha go on a long journey, first by foot, then horse, then foot again, to be able to find help. Along the way, the two (predictably) fall in love. (Along the journey, they encounter a poor orphan boy named Toby. My favorite part of the book is when Toby asks Margaretha why she and Colin don't kiss. Margaretha has to translate the conversation for Colin, because he only understands English. Both of them are embarrassed by Toby's questions. It is SOOO funny!!!!) Anyway, Hagenheim castle is saved, and Margaretha and Colin are married. :)

What have you read recently?

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