Tuesday, May 8, 2018

How-To Tuesday: Thank You Note Writing

Writing thank you notes is becoming a lost art. This is sad! Saying "thank you" is super important...and although a thank you text may seem easier, it really is far better to take the time to send a thank you card.
There is no formula or five simple steps to follow to write a thank you note, but I will give you some tips to make it easier.
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Tips for Writing Thank You Notes

1. Have cards handy. This makes it just as easy as sending an email or a text. I have a new goal of always having a package of thank you cards on my desk. Also, make sure you have stamps!

2. Don't feel like you have to fill the whole card! Blank space is OK. I promise. Don't stress out about it. 

3. Keep track of gifts. This is super important at a holiday. Keep a list of who sent what so that you can thank them properly. 

4. Don't focus on the gift. Mention it, yes, but don't focus on the gift. If the gift was monetary, don't mention the amount in your note. I found this tip online and it makes sense...focus on the person, not the gift. 

5. Keep an address book. Mine is a spreadsheet on my computer- it has names and addresses. Having addresses available makes it extra easy to send cards in a timely manner. 

6. Send your card in a timely manner. My writing curriculum informed me that one month or less is a timely manner for sending a thank you note. If you are late, send it anyway and apologize for the delay. 

How To Write Thank You Notes

Now, I know I said there isn't any formula for writing a thank you card, but I use this basic idea that I found online to help get me started. 

1 sentence saying "thank you"
2 + sentences: personal note
1 sentence saying "thank you" again
Your name

Let's Write!

Here is an example of a nice thank you note. This is a made up relative giving a made up gift. 

Dear Uncle Bob,
Thank you for the Rend Collective CD you gave me for my birthday. 
I've listened to the music over and over and I love it. I can't wait to see you and Aunt Judy this summer!
Thank you again for the gift!
Silent Storm

One more note before you leave:
Don't let "bad handwriting" keep you from sending thank you cards. People still like to receive a card!

Who will you appreciate?

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