Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend Project

It all started while cleaning up from an ordinary game of scrabble. I looked down at the letter tiles and, behold! the word "Cairo" was sitting there in the middle of the pile.
Thus began my crazy project. 
2 sets of scrabble letters (minus 2 blanks) and 24 hours later, I had finished. 
This is a cities of the world crossword puzzle. Yes, every one of these cities is verified (via google search) to be a real city. 
The hardest part came today, actually, when I decided to combine the photo of the crossword puzzle with a photo of a map. It took a while (and I learned some new things about GIMP, my photo editing software), but I finally finished it. I won't even try to explain the complicated process I used. There was probably an easier way, but at this point, I don't want to know. 
So, here it is:

List of Cities used in this crossword puzzle:

Ife, Nigeria
Flint, MI, USA
Montevideo, Uruguay
Kiev, Ukraine
Malevangga, Solomon Isalnds
Antwerp, Belgium
Warsaw, Poland
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Bethlehem, Israel
Peer, Belgium
Chuda, India
Sari, Iran
Merde, Norway
Venice, Italy
Tehran, Iran
Baghdad, Iraq
Dubai, UAE
Baise, China
Houston, TX, USA
London, UK
Fes, Morocco
San Jose, Costa Rica
Pecs, Hungary
Fuji, Japan
Berlin, Germany
Jerusalem, Israel
Weilmoringle, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Ittoqqortoomiit, Greenland
Qufu, China
Kuie, Estonia
Cairo, Egypt
Pyongyang, North Korea
Toronto, Canada
Ordu, Turkey
Xai-Xai, Mozambique


  1. Wow! Quite a project! I'd hate to live in Ittoqqortoomiit; I'd never be able to tell anyone where I lived.