Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Book Review: Renegade Skyfarer (RJ Metcalf)

Renegade Skyfarer (Stones of Terrene: Book 1)
R. J. Metcalf
4.5 stars

Magic. Dragons. Mystery. Peril. Betrayal. Love. 
All this and more in this wonderfully crafted tale from another world. 
With a steampunk twist. 
For all Fantasy lovers and Steampunk fans, add this book to your reading list. (P.S., it's only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle!)

Ben wakes up in a world that he doesn't recognize, on an airship, with strangers who have (apparently) just rescued him from dragons. He doesn't know where he is from or how he got here. He decides to stay where he is for the time being. Maybe something will help restore his memory...

Jade feels she is being smothered by her father, Slate, and her best friend, Zak. She plans to leave and find her own airship to captain, but something is keeping her where she is at for the time being. One fateful day everything changes and her life may never be the same...

Slate wallows constantly in guilt. He has to restore the keystone and avenge Zane's death before the barrier fails...

I love a book that you can read twice and still get caught off guard by the plot twists (and I did read it twice before writing this). This is one of those books!!!! Be prepared for mystery, magic, trill, emotions, emotions, and more emotions in this gripping tale. 

Where did it loose that half star?
Honestly, there was more blood than I usually enjoy, and dragons oddly slipped out of the picture in the second half of the book. 

The fight scenes were amazing. I could see Geist's jaw crack upon impact with Ben's fist. But that also leads to some disturbing mental pictures at times when there is lots of blood involved. I love the author's ability to make the book come to life in the reader's head, but I just don't usually enjoy bloody fight scenes! :) 

All in all, I loved this book and I can't wait for BOOK TWO!!!!!

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