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What I Read- November 2018

Okay, so November, and apparently part of December, got away from are the books I finished in November!

Tribulation Force (Tim LaHaye)
Fiction; 3 stars
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This is the second book in "The Left Behind" series by LaHaye. He picks up right where he left off...following the story of four who had been left behind when Jesus raptured his saints. These four became devout believers when they realized what had happened and are devoted to sharing their faith and trying to live through the Tribulation, which is fast approaching, and see the Glorious appearing.

The is something sinister brewing with Nicolae Carpathia, and the only ones who know the truth are Buck, Bruce, Raymond, and Chloe. A Jewish Rabbi is about to announce to the world who he believes the Messiah is, Carpathia is planning a treaty signing between the UN and Israel, a treaty that Bruce and the others know signals the beginning of the 7-year tribulation. Carpathia, continuing to appear calm, peaceful, and good on the outside, has sinister underlying motives and will do anything to get his way....and the entire world is deceived.

Will the four be able to survive? Bruce is convinced that at least one of them will die with the first round of Tribulation troubles...who will it be?

My complaints...
1. I was reading Jay Adams' book "From Forgiven to Forgiving" at the same time. This book was correcting all my wrong views of Forgiveness that I didn't even realize I had. That being said, "Tribulation Force" showed me just how widespread these erroneous views are in the church. The characters were said to have "forgiven" each other...but it wasn't true biblical forgiveness. (More on that book next). It made me sad to see how the wrong views permeate even our Christian literature.
2. There was a sub-plot of a love story developing between Buck and Chloe. It came to a cheesy ending...I guess that's my complaint. :)
3. Sometimes it is hard to remember that this book is fiction, not fact. Good Bible-believing Christians would disagree with LaHaye on much of this book.

I would recommend this book for Upper Highschool and up. Maybe a mature lower highschooler, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone younger than that.

True Devotion (Dee Henderson)
Fiction; 4 stars
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This book was advertised to me a Christian book with no romance.
Although the romance wasn't horrible (I'll come back to this part in a minute).

Kelly is the widow of a Navy SEAL. Joe is a Navy SEAL, the best friend of Kelly's deceased husband. Joe loves Kelly, but he can't ask her to risk loosing a second husband. But the man who is responsible for Kelly's husband's death is closer than anyone thinks and Kelly may be in danger. Will Joe be able to protect her in time? Will Kelly be willing to risk everything to marry another Navy Seal?

So, I guess if I had read the summary I probably would have know there would be romance involved. But it wasn't the mushy feeling romance of Melanie Dickerson, Jody Hedlund, or Janette Oke. Henderson had a much more realistic view of life and how romance plays a part in it. This book was aptly named. The characters exhibited true devotion to each other, to friends, to truth, justice, God, and country. There was kissing (I counted 7 times), but it didn't feel like a normal Christian romance. Romance was a sub-plot, not the driving plot line.

At least, that's what I thought. My ninth grade brother informed me that it "seems like a romance book to me." Take that how you will. ;)

Well, that was November. We are into December where cold weather and Christmas lights just beg for me to curl up on the couch and enjoy a good book....

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