Saturday, March 2, 2019

Once Upon An Underdressed Monday....

Today I scrolled through a long list of blog post prompts. This one jumped off the page at me:

Write about a time you dressed inappropriately for the occasion.

One recent time jumped to mind. The story is short, so this blog post will be short. :)

A little bit over a month ago, I went to follow up on job applications I had dropped off. I'd dropped off five or six applications. It was the day before my laundry day, which meant I didn't have many shirts left in my closet. What I ended up wearing?

A long-sleeve black t-shirt that is quite a bit too large for me.

Not the best idea for making a good first impression. Don't try this at home.

I didn't realize how underdressed I was until I got to Chick-fil-a and found out that they were holding group interviews in about an hour. I look at my jeans and too-large-long-sleeve black t-shirt and laugh inside at myself. Especially when the others who are being interviewed walk in. Nice blouse. Button-up shirt.

This story does have a happy ending, because I did get the job. But I also learned my lesson, sitting there feeling silly in my t-shirt and jeans. Next time I follow up on an application or have an interview, I'll wear a nicer blouse. It won't be so humiliating for me. :)

Do you have a story about a time you dressed wrongly for the occasion? Please tell me I'm not the only one!!! :) 

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