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  I'm Silent Storm. I'm glad you stopped by my blog.
I started this blog in July of 2016 .  If you like short stories, biographies, DIY projects, recipes, the Bible, or photos, this is the blog for you! This blog is also a place for me to write about what has been going on in my life.

Like I said, my name is Silent Storm.

I'm the oldest of five kids. We are all home schooled. I'm a junior in high school and excited about (and sometimes worried about) my future.  I love to write, cook, craft, read and play piano. I also like photography and have a camera that I LOVE. 

family pic

Let me introduce you to my family.

Dad is a computer consultant. He works hard to provide for me and my family. He also enjoys hanging out with us teaching us about God. 

Mom is my mother and teacher. She has home schooled us all since kindergarten, and has also taught me a lot about what it means to be a good wife and mother.

DodgerDog is fifteen. We are always competing against each other...double solitaire, driving, you name it! He is a HUGE baseball fan (specifically the dodgers) and has his own blog.  He also likes guitar.

Lego is thirteen. He likes--check that--loves legos, backpacking, hiking, car mechanics, harmonica and reading.

Fireant is ten. She LOVES karate. And dolphins. She is trying to learn to play the trombone.

Jellybean is the youngest. She is six. She is, in fact, 10 years minus 6 days younger than I am. She is a mix of everyone else. She likes piano, legos, karate, and sometimes the dodgers. She likes to create things and she is trying to read and write.

Most of the time we get along...most of the time. There are those few times...maybe twice a day...at least...but other than that (okay, maybe at least five times) we get along pretty well.

Five fun facts about ME

1. I don't like to run

2. If you want to make me mad, start talking about slavery.

3. I have never broken a bone, but have had a thumb surgery and an oral surgery.

4. I love my youth group. If you hang out on this blog, you will probably hear a lot about our youth group.

nerf gun pic
5. My spirit animal would either be a baby goat (I seem quiet but I can be feisty and loud at times) or a mama duck (I like to have everything in order and when I'm watching kids, I constantly count them to make sure they are all there!).

baby pic

Once again, I'm glad you stopped by. I hope that you subscribe and stick around!  if you subscribe, check out my contact page and send me an email to introduce yourself!

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