Thursday, April 27, 2017

Character Design Contest Part 3

Alright, here is round three of the Character Design contest.

****REMINDER: Get your votes in by May 2****

What does he/she want most?
a. to be king or queen
b. to be loved
c. to love someone
d. to get married
e. to get rich
f. to finish school
g. to be a pro sports player
h. to be an astounding musician
I. to experience peace

What does he/she need most?
(This is something the character may or may not KNOW that they need, but they really do need it.)
a. learn humility
b. have faith in people
c. make a really good friend
d. be trustworthy
e. to learn to be himself/herself

What is a lie that he/she believes that keeps them from finding out what he/she really needs?
a. no one can be trusted
b. solitude is best
c. friendship is worthless
d. humility is overrated
e. money is more important than relationships
f. no one could love me for who I really am

How would they describe their childhood?
a. happy
b. adventuresome
c. tense
d. loving
e. angry
f. I don't remember
g. I choose not to remember
h. too many good things...I can't pick one word!

What time period?
a. ancient history (BC)
b. medieval times
c. early explorers (1400s)
d. reformation
e. 1700s
f. 1800s
g. early 1900s
h. late 1900s.
I. within the last 15 years
j. no time in particular

Where does he/she live?
General first:
a. earth
b. alien planet

Little more specific:
a. north America
b. south America
c. Asia
d. Europe
e. Africa
f. Pacific Islands

Even more specific:
a. big city
b. small town
c. the country, no town nearby

a. mountains
b. forest/woods
c. grasslands
d. desert
e. ice/snow

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Character Design Contest Part 2

Hello again!
So, I had a busy weekend in Mexico, and missed posting the next few things to vote on. Also, no one has voted yet...

Here are the things to vote on today:

How should we describe our character's personality?
a. cheerful
b. sarcastic
c. gloomy
d. rigid

How does our character walk?
a. with a limp
b. hunched over
c. straight as a nail and quick
d. straight as a nail and slow
e. shuffle
f. walk? he/she doesn't walk, they run!

What is our character's goal in life?
a. to be forever secluded
b. to laugh and make others laugh
c. to be someone famous
d. to do important things that don't get recognized
e. to stay in school forever

How old is he/she?
a. a baby (0-1)
b. a toddler (2-4)
c. young child (5-7)
d. older child (8-10)
e. tween (11-12)
f. early teen (13-15)
g. older teen (16-19)
h. young adult (20-35)
I. middle-aged (36-47)
j. older adult (48-60)
k. senior (61+)

What is their religion?
a. "I believe there is a God, but he doesn't have anything to do with my life"
b. "I don't believe there is a God"
c. "I am an on-fire believer in the one true God"
d. "I believe in many gods"
e. "I don't believe in God, but I believe in science"
f. "I really don't care one way or another"

Favorite color:
a. pastels
b. neon
c. bright, but not obnoxious
d. very dark shades of gray
e. warm colors
f. cool colors
g. just white

Since I have not had any responses yet, I will extend the voting deadline... get your votes in by Tuesday, May 2nd!