Friday, August 19, 2016

The Adventures of a Group Project

This week we were assigned a group project for history. We are studying ancient history, and this month we are focusing on Creation, the Fall, and the Worldwide Flood. So my brother DodgerDog, who is a Freshman in High school, and I decided to do a project together about Noah's Ark. It has been quite an adventure!

First, we decided to make blueprints using what the bible tells us about the Ark. We decided on a scale of 15 cubits to an inch. ( By the way, a cubit is about 18 inches.) We taped some blue construction paper pieces together and got out the white pencils. The ark on our blueprints measured 20 inches long, 3 inches long wide, and 2 inches tall. When you draw the ark to scale, it really gives you perspective on how huge that thing actually was! Little sister Jelly Bean (she is 5) was trying to convince us that it's not called blueprints, it's actually called white prints! Her line of reasoning was that we were writing in white, not blue. :)
We decided to put the Hebrew word for Ark on the top of the blueprints. DodgerDog looked it up on Google translate, but we realized that Google translate uses modern Hebrew, not Biblical! So I pulled out the Strong's concordance and looked it up. DodgerDog tried to copy it by hand and gave up, saying it didn't look anything like what was written in the concordance. Then he kept going on and on and on about how Hebrew is written and read from right to left, not left to right.

The second part of our project was a silly picture to show how big the ark was. We drew a 3D picture of the Ark with a football field inside of it. The ark was longer than a football field, but only half as wide. Then I drew a tiny little elephant next to it. According to the scale that we used for the picture, the elephant was about 1/4 inch tall, where the ark was a full inch tall! I thought Elephants were big and scary, but now I know that the ark is even bigger and scarier!

DodgerDog had the idea to make a paper model of the Ark. We have a friend who makes really cool little paper models and I guess that's where he go the idea. Anyway, I found out that he colors A LOT darker than I do. While we colored the wooden sides of the Ark, we listened to the other siblings have a science lesson. They are studying human anatomy, and were talking about cells and tissues. So as we sat and colored, DodgerDog and I had a lot of fun making jokes. (we don't start science until September and were enjoying coloring instead of doing science.) I said that I didn't know that Kleenex made cell phones.
I really enjoy working with DodgerDog!

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