Friday, August 26, 2016

The Insiders Guide to Babysitting

Everyone wants a babysitter who knows what she is doing...right? And every babysitter wants to go to her job feeling like she knows what she is doing. And she wants to go home confident that she will get another job. I want to give you some tips and tricks for making your babysitting  job successful. But first....

7 Sure Ways to Never Get a Babysitting Job Again

1. Be sure to show up 20 minutes late for your job. If the parents are rushed, they will forget to give you instructions, and that makes the night SO much better!

2. Throw away all instructions when Mom and Dad leave. Make up your own rules and routine.

3. Teach the kids annoying songs....LOT'S of them. Make sure they sing them to their parents the next day. OVER AND OVER.

4. Get them all riled up so they won't sleep! You can play tag, hold wrestling matches, and run around screaming! Or you can just curl up on the couch and read a book while they do whatever they want!

5. Feed them candy, candy and MORE CANDY! Forget about the pizza Mom left on the table, candy tastes much better!

6. Don't clean up after the kids go to bed...if they go to bed at all after you have riled them up. Leave piles of dirty dishes in the sink. Leave clothes on the couch, and toys on the floor. A messy house after a babysitting job is a sure sign that you had fun, right?

7. Don't change diapers and don't have the potty-trainer use the bathroom. Leave the blowouts and accidents for Mom to clean up...and then pretend you didn't even know how to do those things.

I hope these tips made you laugh! ^_^

15 Tips for a Successful Babysitting Job

1. Arrive 5-10 minutes early. This gives you time to receive instructions and ask questions.

2. Ask questions! Make sure you know exactly what the parents want you to do. Don't be afraid to ask silly questions like: "Where are the diapers?" "Are they allowed to jump off the couch?" "Are they allowed to watch a movie before bed?" "How much of their dinner do they have to eat before getting dessert?" "Do they have any homework they need to do?"

3. Don't call the parents unless it is an emergency. If you keep calling them about every little thing, they won't want you to come back. Use your best judgment on those things.

4.Be firm, but not harsh. You need to be firm about the rules, but don't yell at them. If you give the kids an inch, they will take a mile. But if you yell at them, they will not want you to babysit again.

5. Know the house rules. Don't let them get away with things you know are against the rules.

6. Know how to change a diaper and help a kid who is potty-training. These are basic skills, and you can easily find someone who will teach you how to change a diaper. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy.

7. It makes the parents feel a little more at ease if you are CPR and First-aid certified, or at least if you know a little bit about both.

8. Know how to react in an emergency. Make sure you have their phone number, your parents' phone number and an emergency contact for the kids (like a Grandparent). You should also know how to dial 911.

9. Clean up after yourself. Wash the dishes and clean up the toys. They will definitely want you back!

10. Don't demand more pay. Be thankful for what you get. It is also nice to have some sort of idea of what you want to be paid. I think that $3-5 an hour is good for starting, and $10 is too much...but some families still pay me that. I'm just thankful that I get to earn some money doing something I like!

11. Follow instructions and normal routines.

12. Prefer the kids. Play their games if you don't want to. They love it when you are involved.

13. Arrange your own ride- whether you drive yourself or your parents drive you, or you ask the family your are babysitting for to pick you up.

14. Get some kind of training. Whether it's just some tips from your Mom, or from a friend, or taking the Red Cross Babysitting Class, knowing what you are doing is EXTREMELY helpful!!

15. Have Fun!

Hope these tips are helpful! Happy Babysitting!

Me and my favorite kid to babysit-my sister Jelly Bean!
(This picture is an original taken by my dad. Please do not duplicate without my permission. Thanks!)

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