Tuesday, September 13, 2016

1 Peter Sword Study

This summer, my family, along with another family from our church, went through a 12 week Bible Study together. It is called Sword Study, by Mark and Tammy McMahan (Word in the Family Ministries). The book we went through was First Peter.

Everyone had their own age appropriate book, from Jelly Bean to Mom and Dad.

I loved every bit of the sword study. Throughout the summer we probably read 1 Peter about 16 times. We copied the entire book of 1 Peter and memorized lots of Bible verses.

Some of my favorite parts of this Bible study... I loved looking up key words in the Strong's Concordance and finding out what the Greek word really means. It gives a lot more meaning to the passage. In fact, I liked it so much that I've been doing my own Greek word studies! I just might post some of those sometime...
I also thoroughly enjoyed the end of the chapter summary diagrams. I have a very artistic and organized brain (although looking at this blog, you may not think that it's true) and so having all the things that we learned in that chapter in one spot (and in an artistic form) was wonderful!
I also liked looking for lists and interviewing the chapter. I loved to answer the questions, but I will be honest, some of the questions didn't make much sense the first time I read them.
I liked the dig deeper sections. I love getting as much information as I can about everything.
I also like looking up cross-references and letting the bible explain itself.

Oh, and then there were the Family Bonfire times. We met with the other family and talked about what we had learned and sometimes went swimming. We reviewed what we had learned mostly by answering questions. We made it a competition by splitting into 3 teams. We were neck and neck for most of the bonfires!

I learned a ton from this study. I now feel like I know the book of 1 Peter backwards, forwards, inside out and upside down. And it feels good. In the past, I have never really come away from a Bible study feeling filled. But with this Bible study method, I dug deeper than ever before and I loved it.

Here is what I learned:
The main theme for the book of 1 Peter is Stand Firm.
Peter, the author was also a disciple of Jesus who was formerly a fisherman. His real name was Simon Petros, which means "the rock." His brother's name was Andrew. Jesus promised to build his kingdom on Peter. He was, thus, and elder of the early church. Peter denied Jesus 3 times and was forgiven after Jesus rose from the dead. Peter was also put in prison by King Herod, and released miraculously by an angel of God.
The recipients of the letter were Christians who were scattered exiles experiencing persecution throughout Asia Minor (modern day Turkey).
The recipients were scattered because of a great persecution that arose after Stephen was stoned. But even as they were scattered throughout Asia Minor, they preached about Jesus wherever they went and many more became Christians.
I learned that I need to follow Christ's example of how he suffered-patiently, without evil or reviling. I learned that I need to submit to authorities. I learned that I need to resist the devil. I learned that going through fiery trials refines my faith. I learned that God with Restore, Confirm, Strengthen, and Establish me after I have suffered for a little while. I also learned that persecution and suffering is a part of being a Christian and I need to expect and not fear it.

What a study! Like I said, I loved every bit of it. I would strongly encourage you and your family to get your own copy of the 1 Peter Sword Study.
DodgerDog and I loved the Sword Study so much, we are doing another one- 1 John. Our friends who did it with us are doing the 2 Timothy one.

I encourage you in your Bible Study, whatever book and method you choose- don't give up! Keep pressing on, because it is worth it.

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