Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Thought About God's Love

As I was typing another draft of my research paper on malaria (whose idea was that? Oh wait...mine!!!), a thought crossed my mind that I would like to share. No, I won't bore you and share my entire research paper on malaria. :)

My paper is on the need for a better treatment and cure for malaria. For those of you who don't know what malaria is, it is a deadly parasite-borne disease of the blood. So far, no effective treatment and cure has been found for malaria, although scientists are experimenting with promising vaccines.

Anyway, that being said, here is my thought about God's love:

Because of sin, there are diseases like cancer, malaria, typhoid, small pox, etc. But God, in his love and faithfulness, gave us the ability to research and discover cures and treatments for these deadly diseases. Also, if someone is a believer, they know that if they die, whether from a disease or some other cause, they will see their creator face to face and there will be no more sickness or pain!

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