Thursday, August 31, 2017

What I've Been Up To (August)

Hey all!
Can you believe August is already gone? I feel like I got hit by a tornado this month...and two tornadoes this week.
The beginning of this month was spent getting ready for school to start. On August 14, we started school.
I got my permit.  The first time I went to try, I didn't have the right paperwork, so I had to try again. Thankfully, I passed my test that time.
All I've been doing this week is feeling like I'm drowning in homework...and feeling some sympathy for the poor college students who have a ton of homework from five or six classes. I started my dual-credit biology class on Tuesday. So far, I have had two classes and a lab, and I have survived. But I have a ton of reading to do....the dictionary has become my best friend, because I don't understand all the words. :(

On Sunday, I went with my youth group small group to a pottery painting place. We exchanged names and made mugs for each other.

AWANA started on Tuesday. I went straight from my biology lab to AWANA to check kids in. What a night! I'm thankful that my mom was able to take me to the church on Monday to get stuff ready beforehand. And thankful that I have almost zero prep work to do before next week....but I do have some I should probably go do now.

Student leadership started this week for our youth group. It's me, another girl, and eight guys. It is going to be a fun (and interesting) year. :)

I finished our family bible study on prayer, and started one with a friend on 1 and 2 Timothy. I'm working on memorizing a beautiful piano piece, and I'll post a video of it when it's done. I'm also working on a duet that I'll be playing with a friend in November at a recital.

It has been so hot here. Yet this afternoon, it rained. We had a short thunderstorm that lowered the temperature significantly. It felt so good. It was nice to have some relief from the miserable heat. I was reminded of God's fact, there is a song that I've heard on Pandora recently that has a line: "What if your blessings come through raindrops..." I love the song, and that line is especially true for us today. God blessed us with a short thundershower to cool us off.

Hope you had a good August! :)

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