Friday, November 10, 2017

Ninja Dad Frog

Put me down! Put me down! I insist, put me down!

glass frog 1
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Sorry if I scared you. I know, you didn't see me there. But I must stay on my leaf! 

glass frog 2
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Let's start this the right way. My name is Aristotle. I'm a glass frog. I live in the jungles of the earth. No, I'm not made out of glass. I just look like it. It actually is great defense. You see, other critters look right through me. Consider yourself, for example. You didn't see me there and picked me up. But there is another reason that I look like I'm made out of glass. And that's why I insisted that you put me on my leaf. See, I'm a father.

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Those are my tadpoles. These are some of the ones that are almost ready to hatch. If a predator comes to eat them, they can fend for themselves and get out of the situation alive...most of the time. But if the predator, let's say a wasp, for example, comes for one of the newest tadpoles...They meet my wrath.
See, I trick them into thinking that I am the newest batch of eggs. 

glass frog 3
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The wasp wants dinner, and the newest eggs are most vulnerable. So, thinking that I am the newest batch of eggs, he comes at me to feast on the tadpoles. Bet he didn't see this coming!

(Turn off the sound for the video. The song accompanying is weird. It's cooler to watch it without sound).

Whew! Safe for another day. Ninja dad to the rescue!

glass frog 4
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