Saturday, December 23, 2017

Top 5 Christmas Songs this year

I've been listening to a ton of music lately. And, not surprising, I've found some songs I want to listen to over and over. Now, this list is not in order from best to worst, or worst to best, it's just 5 Christmas songs I really love.

1. How many Kings by Downhere
This is a lyric video so that you can really focus on the words.

2. O Come O Come Emmanuel
This song was originally in Latin, but was translated somewhere along the line. Here is a video of my favorite arrangement, by the Piano Guys.

Here is a version with words.

3. Angels We Have Heard on High (arrangement by the Piano Guys)
You have to watch this one. Don't just turn it on while doing the dishes. These guys have way too much fun with their music. Also, I never knew a piano could make that many different sounds.

4. Strange Way to Save the World by 4 Him

5. Charlie Brown Christmas Medley by the Piano Guys
Sensing a theme? Yes, I love Piano and Cello music.

Hope you enjoyed some Christmas music!
If you want one more fun (and short) song, check out this link. 


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