Sunday, January 7, 2018

Snapshots from 2017

Started teaching Jellybean Piano Lessons 

Our first trip to the beach for the March!

"Green Day" Party with Dr. Suess, Fish bowl craft, food... 
...and slime!

Our friend's goats had babies!

Summer Camp 

4th of July trip to the beach

I got my camera!!!

Concert with Mom!

Another Summer Camp

Saw the eclipse

Got my permit in August 

Another beach trip...for FireAnt's birthday

Small Group Event- painting!

Let's get this college selection thing to my first weekend visit!

Medieval Times with the Family

Took (and survived) a college Biology class. 

Went to see wonder after Thanksgiving 

Decorating for Christmas

Christmas concert at the local Christian University

These are the awesome kids who played the nativity characters in the
Christmas musical I directed at church this year.

Some of my small group

Merry Christmas!