Monday, April 2, 2018

Making Easter Memorable

The last two years, we have tried to make Easter a bigger celebration. After all, it's pretty exciting that Jesus died to save us from our sins AND rose again on the third day, conquering death! Christmas is always a big celebration around here, and we have been trying to make Easter more than eggs and chocolate bunnies. Here are our memories from this year's Easter celebration

Easter Advent

Many Christian families do some sort of Advent celebration counting down to Christmas for a month. Barbara Rainey wrote an Easter Advent devotional that we used this year with these candles (idea for candles is also from Barbara Rainey). Unlike Christmas, the Easter Advent is just for the week leading up to Easter- from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Each candle (and the companion devotional) is based off one of Jesus' I AM statements. 
Last year, we used these cards as a sort of Easter Advent. This year, we read these cards around the table at Easter Sunday Dinner. 


One of my favorite Easter traditions is the Seder (Passover) meal that we share as a family. We use a Haggadah (script)  that points out how all the symbols point to Jesus. It's a lot of work to prepare, but it is fun to celebrate Passover as a family. 
The Seder plate

Our Table

Breaking the Bread

"Wine" (Grape Juice)

Dinner: Chicken, Salad, Charoset, Kugel


Easter Sunday

On Easter, we go to church. If some of us can get out of bed in time, we go to the 6:30 sunrise service, then have breakfast and head back to church for the 9:00 service. 
We eat dinner together as a family. Some years we will go to the park, or have dinner with friends, but this year we just celebrated as a family. Last year we made placemats and napkins for Easter dinner (you can see them in the picture below).

Other Fun Traditions

Just like Christmas has gifts, cookies, gingerbread houses, and other fun traditions that have no real significance in celebrating the birth of Christ, we have some fun traditions around here for Easter. 
First, for as long as I can remember, we have each received a new book from Mom and Dad for Easter. Sometimes it's fiction, sometimes something related to the Bible, I think there have even been years where someone has received a Bible. 
Second, Eggs. Who doesn't enjoy a good egg dying party?

Third, there are these things called resurrection rolls. For me, it's like the sugar cookie of Easter. You take a crescent roll, spread butter on it (the oils used in Jesus' burial), sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar (the spices), place a marshmallow in the center of the roll (Jesus wrapped in cloths), and seal the roll up tight around the marshmallow (like the tomb). Pop it in the oven for a few minutes, then open it up. Where did the marshmallow go? It represents how the women found the tomb empty. And it's yummy too! But, be careful to seal all the edges of the ruins the picture if the marshmallow leaks out all over the tray. 

Finally, we have always raised butterflies in the spring. We order the jar of caterpillars and watch them undergo metamorphosis. Usually we try to release them on Easter Sunday.

Before You Go...

  • How do you celebrate Easter? 
  • Contact me if you want more information about celebrating your own Seder! 
  • Don't forget to thank God for his gift of salvation through Jesus' death and resurrection!

He Is Risen...And That's Something to Celebrate!!

Silly Sisters! :)

Those handsome brothers

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