Friday, July 13, 2018

How To Survive English Camp 101

Hello Everyone! I just finished two weeks of English camp! I taught three classes....lower primary for three days, upper primary for five days, and secondary for five days. Now that English Camp is over, I have five tips for success to share with you. 

1. Remain one step ahead of the students, but act as if you are at least five steps ahead. If you hesitate for a moment, they will run all over you.
2. Don't EVER listen to Tyler's and Clement's advice. Bad idea. Do I need to say more?
3. Have impromptu games ready to go. It might happen that you have spare time. My favorite impromptu game is this one: Call up a student and have them make up a movie title. Then they have to share the title and act out a scene as a movie trailer. To make it a competiton, call up two students and have the class vote on which movie title they like better. The winner performs his/her movie trailer.
4. Share funny stories with your teammates. Having something to laugh over makes even the hardest days better. 
5. Finally, take care of yourself! You can't teach very well with a splitting headache. Sleep, eat full meals, drink lots of water. If you are healthy, you will be a much better teacher. 
Bonus tip: Make signs and cheers for your team so that they can earn extra points. They like winning...and they love the signs. Yes, even secondary boys. 

And, hey, look at that, I even got the photos to work this time! 
Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. So who exactly are Tyler and Clement and why shouldn't I take their advice? Glad you're back safe; can't wait to hear more. The movie title game is a good idea; I'll have to try it at Karate Kamp.

    1. Tyler was one of my teammates. Clement was my co-teacher for Upper Primary English Camp. Their advice: "Tell your class of secondary boys how old they are...I'm sure that will make them respect you as their teacher!" Need I say more? ;)