Monday, September 3, 2018

Tanzania Week Five in Photos

Hey all! I'm back again, with more photos! Thanks for hanging in there and reading these! So close to being done with my trip recap.

Tanzania Travel Journal Week Five

This week we did an outreach by way of a four day Drama Camp. Besides that, we went to a little Island (I got seasick on the way), Friday Club again, and a Birthday Party for a couple of friends! Keep scrolling for pictures!

Drama Camp

We played games

We performed skits

And had a ton of fun!
More Beach!

Tyler Climbed a Tree

We went for a little hike

Friday Club

And Birthday Parties!
Tyler and our dear friend
Huseina shared birthday

We had a goodbye party for Clement (who
was going back to India for University) and
another birthday party for Huseina
These birthday parties doubled as a chance to hang out in a casual setting and build friendships with teenagers. We played games, chatted, and had loads of fun. :)

The caption has officially been given:
"Hey, What's that piano doing over there?"

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