Friday, February 17, 2017

A Fantastic Organization

Today I discovered an organization that is really unique and special.

Breaking Barriers Martial Arts, in Sanford Florida, trains people with disabilities- from down syndrome to autism to hyperactivity. It was started by Katarina Eckstsein-Schoemann, who has two brothers who were diagnosed with Autism at a young age. She saw the need for a type of physical activity for them, and other special needs kids. So, she started Breaking Barriers to give them just what she saw that they needed.

Breaking Barriers has been around since 2011, and are doing great stuff with and for these disabled kids. I only wish that it was closer to where I live, as I know several kids with disabilities who would be blessed by this organization.

You can see some great pictures and learn more about the organization here.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Baseball Time. Again.

Well, the "Big Day" has finally arrived! According to my well-informed brother, the Dodgers had their first workout of the 2017 season today.

Let the fun begin!

On with the radio, out with the scorebook, don't forget a ball and glove....

And your loud voice for cheering on a team that really can't hear you, no matter how loud you yell at the TV. 😊

play ball

For me (the not baseball fan), pull out the chocolate and book...and earplugs occasionally. I'll also have to put on patience and forbearance.

 I don't like Baseball, but I try hard to bear with the constant baseball talk for the sake of my brother, who I really do love.

Speaking of him, my avid Dodger fan brother has a blog of his own, where he writes about all the latest Dodger stuff. Please view it HERE!!!!!
He would love it if you would subscribe to his blog. There is an easy way to do it. Simply scroll about halfway down the home page to where it says "Subscribe to Blog via Email". Enter your email address and push "subscribe."
My brother would appreciate it if you would subscribe to his blog and share it with any other Dodger-loving people you may happen to know. :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading his blog, and have a happy baseball season! :) (And for those of you who feel that you could live a better life if baseball didn't exist, hang in there! The season will be over in....November!)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Attack on Planet Pancreas

(The "Attack on Planet Pancreas" is a short story that I wrote as a funny way to explain what happens in type one diabetes.)

A long time ago, in a mini galaxy not that far away, there was trouble on Planet Pancreas, which is located in the Endocrine System. What trouble was this? The watchmen had failed to put the city on alert when a single Antibody Scout Ship had circled the planet a week earlier. Now, a full force of Y-shaped Antibody ships was approaching the planet. Planet Pancreas tried to protect their most valuable asset- the Insulin Factories in Beta Cell City on the Islets of Langerhans- but it was too late. The planet was under full attack!

When the dust and smoke from the attack had finally settled, the survivors looked around. The insulin factories were completely flattened. In fact, the whole Beta Cell City was destroyed.

While the citizens of Planet Pancreas were trying to recover from the attack, the Glucose Gems were trying to get out of the bloodstream highway and into the Cell Cities throughout the rest of the universe. But without the help of Insulin, there was no way for them to get in. You see, the insulin held the key to Cell Cities, and without it the Glucose Gems were stuck outside.

Gradually, changes came over the Human Body Universe. The Kidney Planets were in charge of getting rid of the extra Glucose Gems on  the bloodstream highway. They took more and more water from Human Body Universe, causing the Universe to dry up and dehydrate rapidly.

The Cell Cities still needed energy to keep running. In the past, Glucose Gems had provided the needed energy, but now that insulin could no longer bring the key to the Cell Cities, the Cities had to get energy from other places. The Cell Cities turned to the Fat Fields for the needed energy. As the Fat Fields were broken down by the Cell Cities, it produced a by-product called Ketones.

The Human Body Universe was in desperate need of reinforcements. They started sending signals outside the Universe to ask for help. One day, help finally arrived. Reinforcement Insulin Shot Armies showed up on the scene, unlocking Cell Cities and letting the Glucose Gems in. The Human Body Universe was safe once again!