Monday, August 27, 2018

Tanzania Week Three in Photos

Hey Folks!
I'm back again with more pictures! Enjoy! :)

Tanzania Travel Journal Week Three

Week Three was our first week of English Camp! We held English Camp at a local school. It was a ton of fun. I learned that even though it's not the most comfortable thing in the world, I can teach. 
This is where I learned (the hard way in some cases) all the advice I shared previously in my "How to Survive English Camp" post. 
This week we taught five days of Upper Primary (every afternoon, M-F), and three days (mornings, T-TH) of Lower Primary English Camp.
To finish off a long week, we had our first night of Friday Club! For anyone who is familiar with AWANA, Friday Club is kind of like that. Usually the long-term team holds 12-week sessions (we did a "mini" four week one while there). The kids play games, sing songs, listen to stories from God's word, and memorize Bible verses. In the longer sessions, they might even have crafts and drama. I got the chance to narrate the story of Ruth...but that's for a different post. :)

Upper Primary English Camp (M,T,W,Th,F)

In Assembly, going over rules.

My class, working hard. :)

The guys enjoyed some games of frisbee
after camp most days

My Upper Primary Class (And co-teacher,
Lower Primary English Camp (T,W,Th)
Assembly again :)

A musical chairs game we played

My Lower Primary Class (so much energy!)
Friday Club
Praying before club starts

Sign in table


Leaders being silly :)

Learning stories from God's word

Memorizing verses

That was week two! I got sick over the weekend and discovered how amazing Advil Col & Flu really is for taking care of congestion. Praise the Lord I was feeling much better by the following Monday and able to teach another week of English Camp...for all those fun pictures, be sure to return on Friday! :) 

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