Saturday, September 1, 2018

Tanzania Week Four in Photos

Hello Everyone! I'm back with more photos from my summer!

Tanzania Travel Journal Week Four

This week was our second week of English Camp (with secondary students), second week of Friday Club, and we ended it with a beach day and Girls Only movie night! 

English Camp (Secondary)

My Secondary Class
So, you may be looking at that picture an wondering how in the world I ended up with a class of middle school/young high school boys for the week. Let me tell you how that happened. 
We had five female teachers and three male teachers. The school split the students in secondary into four all female classes and four all male classes. If you can do simple math, you can figure out the problem. One of the male classes had to end up with a female teacher. I volunteered, thinking to myself, "I hang out with my brothers and their friends all the time. These boys are about the same age. Now problem!" Right? Riiiiight. 
They actually were very well-behaved (a little giggly the first two days). I was pleasantly surprised. I discovered that my crowd control skills aren't too bad after all. 
But I made a major mistake when I had extra time on Thursday at the end of class. I opened it up for them to ask questions (ANYTHING to get them to speak in English!). Their first question was, "How old are you?" Now, just think for a moment. I'm only a few years older than them. And we still have one more day of class. Am I going to tell them my age? NO WAY! I said, "Older than you." They tried again. "What is the highest level of education you have received?" I could truthfully say, "I've taken a college class."  So they tried one more time. "Do you have your driver's license?" I replied, "No, but I'm working on it." 
Thankfully their other questions were things like, "What is your favorite food that you have eaten in Tanzania?" 

Friday Club Week #2!
This is Clement
 Clement and I had a bit of a competition this week at Friday club. We both narrated the story of Ruth to separate groups of kids. The goal was to see who could tell the story better...a guy or a girl. If I won, he had to wear a Mexico football (soccer) jersey (He is a Brazil fan, so that is humiliation for him). If he won, I had to wear a little kid superhero costume for a day.
Neither of us were officially declared winners. But the competition was fun. :)

The teen helpers demonstrating the game.

Cheering for our team. 
Beach Day
Another beautiful beach!

That about covers it for Week Four! Click here to see all the other weeks, and stop by on Monday for Week Five!


  1. Sounds amazing! I can't imagine how hard it would be to lead high school boys, and I am one! The prayers must have worked!

    1. I have been so appreciative of the prayers of my friends and family this summer. :)